Intercept Technology

INTERCEPT TechnologyTM is a corrosion protection technology, which has been applied over 20 years in most extreme conditions and has proven its performance in even long-term applications. The technology works rather different to other existing protection technologies. Today the technology is applied in a variety of products and applications to offer better protection and allow for sometimes drastic reductions in processing cost of our clients.

Intercept Technology has or complies to:

· GE Oil and gas Specification ITN 54750.XX Packaging for preservation and logistics
· Australian Defence Standard DEF(AUST)1000C Part 3 for preservation packaging.
· English MOD standard Def Stan 81-41 Part 2, methods 1 and 1C & Def Stan 81-41 Part 1A and 11
· Rolls Royce Rationalised Process Specification RPS 367 corrosion protection
· Boeing Qualification for ESD Safe and Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging Material
· Raytheon acceptance Static and Corrosion preservation
· MIL-PRF81705E Ty1 Cl 1 (type 2 and 3)- MIL-PRF131K Ty 1 Cl 1
· Alcatel-Lucent X Specification X21386 Static and Corrosion preservation

intercept corrosion protection

Highly effective, environmentally friendly and tested many times over. One Packaging material for all applications! Convince yourself and use the service ability of our network of INTERCEPT application specialists and the performance of our technology.

intercept technology preservation mining packaging


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